Software training, also available online

Epiconcept’s teams support the learning process of Saga, SagaStock and Homer. Training programs can thus be given in the head office as well as in the field.To reconcile physical distance and the constraints associated with the health crisis, these training sessions can be conducted remotely: do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Our Saga tutorials to guide your teams

We all know it: mastering software is a key to professional efficiency. For instance, knowing how to use Saga is a skill sought after by many NGOs. It nevertheless requires a certain amount of time to learn it. Moreover, Saga referents are not always available to answer the questions of their contacts on the field.In order to help you get a handle on our software, and to ensure optimal use afterwards, we are developing a…

Homere: new version 5.0.010 is available !

A new version 5.0.010 of Homere, our human resources management software for international solidarity organizations, is now available. Developed in collaboration with the NGO Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), it includes : New options: The possibility to define a formula for the calulcation of the paid leave earned per month ;An option to send documents in bulk; The possibility to enter / edit payslip comments in mass ;New mailing variables that…