Saga stock

Pharmaceutical stock management software
for international solidarity organizations.

Saga Stock meets the needs of organizations managing pharmaceutical stocks.

Whether they are conducting emergency or field interventions, they face a major challenge: ensuring effective monitoring of their supply to avoid any interruption of treatment for their beneficiaries. The software is windows based.

    Saga Stock’s advantages


    Configurable access rights

    (4 levels) and protection of entries with authentication system


    Easy installation

    no specific configuration required on PC, immediate familiarization (expert training in two days)


    Advantage of the SaaS license

    flexibility of use according to the number of countries, support for the software specialist, and sof- tware updates



    French, English and Spanish

    Our warranties and services


    (on our premises or on site) of the organization’s Saga software specialist

    Technical assistance

    remote or on site

    Continuous software evolution

    with new versions published