Human resources and payroll management
for international solidarity organizations.

Developed to meet the specific needs of NGOs’ field offices, Homère makes it possible to standardize HR/payroll management practices across all the organization’s missions.

Fully configurable, the software adapts to all international contexts (legal framework, pay plan, salary and job grids, etc.). All HR data is structured in a harmonised framework, easily usable for headquarters. It can be used as a single station installation (in the field) or within a network (at headquarters). The software is Windows based.

    Homere’s advantages



    fully configurable to meet the needs of the organization and the legal context in the countries of intervention


    Ease of use and deployment

    basic training for configuration and handling


    Data transfer

    data sending/receiving system allowing information to be transmitted between the field and the organisation’s headquarters


    Financial interface

    direct transfer of pay transactions to the Saga financial management system. Assistance in setting up the interface with other financial information systems.


    Web interface

    for sites with Internet connectivity, automatic update capability and automated data transfer to headquarters


    Advantage of the SaaS license

    flexibility of use according to the number of countries, support for the software specialist, and software updates.



    French, English, Spanish

    Our warranties and services


    (on our premises or on site) of the organization’s Homère software specialist

    Personalized parameterization

    on request

    Technical assistance,

    remote or on site

    Continuous software evolution,

    with new versions published