Field financial management software for international solidarity organizations

Saga responds to missions’ needs for financial and accounting management. The software allows you to enter structural budgets (one’s own funds) and money allocated by funders for actions carried out in a country, and then to record related expenses or revenues.

Installed locally, it can be used in areas where there is no Internet connectivity. With many modules (expense control, editing of cash inventories, bank reconciliation, balances, bank/cash account entry lists, monitoring of funder budgets, etc.), Saga can also be the subject of customized developments. The software is Windows based

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Saga’s advantages


Offline mode

simplified storage (7zip format) and data transfer solution (by eMail)


Interfaces with general accounting authentication system software


Two levels of configuration

headquarters (chart of accounts) and field (set of accounts, projects, financing contracts, expatriate staff, national staff, suppliers, inventory books, etc.)


Configurable access rights

(6 levels) and protection of accounting entries with an authentification system


Easy installation

no specific configuration required on Windows®️ PC, immediate familiarization (expert training in three days)


Advantage of the SaaS license

flexibility of use according to the number of countries, support for the software specialist, and software updates



French, English, Spanish and Portuguese

Our warranties and services


(on our premises or on site) of the organization’s Saga software specialist

Technical assistance,

remote or on site

Continuous software evolution,

with new versions published