Our Saga tutorials to guide your teams

04 June 2020

We all know it: mastering software is a key to professional efficiency. For instance, knowing how to use Saga is a skill sought after by many NGOs. It nevertheless requires a certain amount of time to learn it. Moreover, Saga referents are not always available to answer the questions of their contacts on the field.
In order to help you get a handle on our software, and to ensure optimal use afterwards, we are developing a series of Saga tutorials, available on the “NGO” playlist of our Youtube account.

The advantages of our tutorials: 
– Videos adapted to all types of users, whether they are at headquarters or in the field; 
– Short and educational, they are suitable for “live” use. You and your staff can follow their step-by-step instructions to complete the tasks involved; 
– Short videos, each with key learning points; 
– Multilingual subtitles, to accompany all your employees, wherever they are.

Our first tutorial: install Saga

In the first tutorial dedicated to the installation of Saga, you will see how to install, configure and use the software for the first time.

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